/kəˈnɛəri / (say kuh'nairree)

noun (plural canaries)
1. Also, canary bird. a bird, Serinus canarius, family Fringillidae, native to the Canary Islands, often kept as a pet; originally of a brownish or greenish colour, but through modification in the domesticated state now usually a bright, clear yellow; noted for its beautiful song.
2. Also, canary yellow. a bright, clear yellow colour.
3. a sweet white wine of the Canary Islands, resembling sherry.
4. Australian History a convict (after the black and yellow prisoner's clothing): *Scarlet troops and raw blades of broadswords controlling the gangs of `canaries,' or yellow-clad life-sentence men –g.b. lancaster, 1933.
5. Victoria, SA Colloquial a blowfly.
6. Victoria Colloquial a notice, in the form of a yellow sticker attached to the windscreen of a vehicle, issued by police to the driver or owner of an unroadworthy motor vehicle, stipulating that the vehicle be repaired within a specified period of time; work order. Compare WA, Victoria, Tasmania yellow sticker.
7. NSW Obsolete a yellow-coloured short-run ticket on a tram.
8. Colloquial (derogatory) a Chinese person.
9. Obsolete a lively French and English dance, similar to the jig.
10. canary-coloured; bright yellow.
{named after the Canary Islands; def. 6 from the yellow colour of the notice}
/kəˈnɛəri / (say kuh'nairree)

noun Convict Obsolete Colloquial
a flogging of one hundred lashes.
See bob4, bull2, tester3. {obsolete British thieves' slang canary(-bird) a guinea}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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